Welcome to my web site, I hope you will find it useful.
My name is Roy Cooper and I am a 71 year old pensioner.

This page shows how to make my latest coronavirus (covid-19) face mask.

My 'coronavirus' mask shown below in video 3D format (if you have 'stereoscopic' 3D glasses)
'My Home Working Area'
3d printing the 'vacuum forming moulds' & then 'vacuum forming the masks', seemed to be the best solution, so I designed the face mask mould in tinkercad (a free online 3d design website).
3D Printed Moulds
1. 'Mask Mould' - 2 'Filter Covers Mould' - 3 'Aid for Gluing Filters' - 4. Aid for Gluing Filters'
5. 'Aid for Drilling Filter Holes (size 21mm) - 6. 'Aid for Drilling Filter Holes (size 24mm)
7. 'Aid for Cutting Filter Covers' (to Make Round')
For anyone wanting to make their own mask or masks using my designs the STL files needed to 3d print the moulds, are available for download under a 'Creative Commons license' for personal & non-commercial use.'thingiverse downloads'
- Some Vacuum Forming Resources -
These are the suppliers I purchased from , although other suppliers are available.
(with the passage of time, some links may not work as suppliers come and go)
A5 Vacuum Former Kit from eBay
vacuum forming kit
I found a chap called Mike who manufacturers various sized 'Vacuum Former Kits' and sells them on eBay.
I purchased an A4 and A5 version from him, although it was the A5 version I used to form the facemask's with.
Each kit included a vacuum bed, plastic sheet holder & clips.
- Slot Together Heat Box-
I also purchased the heater box shown in Mikes video below.
He makes them to order with and without the heaters, and should be contacted via his eBay page for further information and pricing.

Plastic sheet 1.5mm 457mm x 305mm HIPS Clear - pack of 10 sheets
Masks are made with 1.5mm
Because I was learning how to use the vacuum former and needed a few sheets to learn with, I found this company offered the sheets at a great price.
I would cut each sheet into 4 A5 sheets and form a mask with each sheet.
This meant that each 'formed mask' cost approximately 75p.
Plastic sheet 1mm 457mm x 305mm HIPS Clear - pack of 10 sheets
Filter Covers are made with 1mm
Using 1mm thick A5 sheet size, I vacuum formed the filter covers (6 per sheet), enough for two masks.
So a set of 3 filter covers cost only 30p.
1200W 18L Ash Vacuum Hoover
Vacuum Forming Hoover
I decided to get a vacuum hoover specifically for the vacuum forming, and the one that I decided on has been perfect.
It has a Fire Proof HEPA Filter, and a 18L Capacity
Weather Foam Tape Draught Excluder Seal Strip
This is a soft self-adhesive tape for an airtight fit against the face.
Only costs 18p per mask to seal, and can be doubled up for extra thickness
Size of Foam: 2X 5M X 9mm X 5mm.
Elastic bungee rope cord 4mm
The elastic for the face masks is available in different colors and I found the 4mm to be best suited.
At only 99p per meter, on average each mask costs 30p for elastic.
Activated Carbon Filter Sheet - 1 meter square - 3mm thick
I can easily punch over 600 from each square meter sheet of 'Activated Carbon Filter' material.
That's under 2p each.
At 99p per meter it works out at less than 30p per mask.
Cable Ties 100 x 2.5mm (pack of 50)
£1.99 per pack of 50
Lanyard Safety-- Breakaway Pop Barrel Connectors
£3.09 per pack of 10 units.
That's 31p per set of 2 parts.
Long Reach Toenail Scissors Stainless Steel
I found these scissors to be great at cutting away the waste plastic, straight, round, or corners with 1mm thick plastic, and they came with a lifetime's guarantee.
You can see me using them in the video.
If after watching my video you have questions about the making of the masks or the making of the video, please leave them as comments in the youtube video description, then if others have the same question, they will hopefully find the answer.
Anything else, I can be contacted on my personal email: roy@royandhelen.com
Thanks for stopping by and I hope that my information has been useful,
Roy Cooper